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About Us

Our Mission

The Mom Outlet is a place for moms to connect with others, find support and helpful information and products to help with the highs and lows of parenting.

Each mom has a unique journey in parenthood.  We want to give a voice to those experiences and help those moms connect with others.

We hope to connect moms with the issues they are most concerned about and elevate each parent experience in hopes that it can help others.

Parenting is hard and can only get better when we have a community to reach out to for advice, and just sharing the experience with.

Our Story

The Mom Outlet was started by Shauna Moreno as a way to help share other mom’s stories. As a mom parenting 3 wildly different kids, reading other parents’ experiences has helped so much with struggles, triumphs, and general challenges. The Mom outlet was created so we can help others find the information that helps us all.

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