10 promises on Mother’s Day by a mother

I am a mother. I hold a very important post, I live a very charming role. I am revered, I am looked up to, I am celebrated and I am worshiped. International Mother’s Day is around the corner. The gifts are on the shelf at every big and small, real and virtual shop. Mothers are thinking about what they want, and the family is thinking about what to give to the mom to make her feel special. Motherhood for me is my highest calling. Being a mother is my deepest blessing and to have my little one as my daughter is my biggest achievement. My daughter is only 2.5 years old, but on this Mother’s Day, I have made a list of promises to her for when she will not be so little anymore.

This mother’s day, I want to remind myself and the mothers who are reading this, why we are cherished and celebrated and worshiped even. We are all good moms, every day of the week but are we also the Moms we wanted our Mother to be, especially when we let ourselves down?

Have a read of the promises or rather note to self to my future self and do leave your comments for me.


10 promises to my little one by her mother
I will always love you


When you will lie on my face and get caught

when you will realize that the friends you trust most are the ones who deserve it the least

When you will do things behind my back that you know I don’t approve off.

when you will score, less in your exams not because you are not smart but because you are distracted.

When you will break someone’s heart or when you will come home with a broken heart.

When your best friend will ditch you and the bullies will laugh on your face and spread rumor behind your back

When you will puff your first cigarette just to check what the Fk it is or when you will yell at someone with an F word,

When your Dad will walk restlessly in the living room, looking at his watch, waiting for you to arrive.

I promise you this my little one,

  1. I will love you.I will love you, even when you will find it hard to love yourself.
  2. I will give you a hug when you will feel not deserving of it.
  3. I will look you in the eye and tell you why you fell.. But I will also give you my hand to hold and stand up again.
  4. I will mutter it under my breath, but I will not say it out loud, that, “I told you so”
  5. I will discuss with you the problems, but I will sit with you over coffee and hot chocolate to help you find a solution.
  6. I will talk to you and not talk down to you
  7. Most importantly, I will listen to you. Listen to you with my heart and not just my ears.
  8. I will let you know that I may be upset with you, even a tad bit disappointed, but I am not judging you for the choice you made and most importantly, I trust you. I have got you. No matter what!
  9. I have faith in the nice person that you are underneath all the experimentation, mean girl act or cool pretense.
  10. I will not act as ‘holier than thou’ because well who am I kidding here! But I will try to be an accepting, forgiving, understanding and a reasonable parent that I can be, after all, I do remember what I needed from my parents when I screwed up at your age.


My darling, I cannot save you from failures, heartaches, heartbreaks, follies and mistakes. I cannot predict your future and I sure cannot decide who you should fall in love with or who you will end up marrying. But I guarantee you this, all your actions will be based on the choices you will make. All your choices will have consequences. And whatever you go through, I will go through it with you. As your mother, as your friend, as your guardian angel, as your guide.


10 promises by a mother to her little one
As your Mom, I promise you that you will always have me by your side

I promise you that I am not cutting this invisible umbilical cord that connects me to you. And no matter what you do, or where you will go, and how much shit hits the roof. Together, we will deal with it, make it better and write a happy story. You and me.

You and me. Together. Always.

Mother’s promise!


PS: Illustration by Pavithra. Click here to see more of her work

About the Author ..Meghna Dixit

I am a first-time Mom of a beautiful and feisty girl, based in Dubai, UAE. I have worked as the Head of Human Resources for various reputed multinational firms in India & Oman till the late term of my pregnancy. I then took a break to bring my child to the world and raise her as a stay at home Mom. My daughter is two+ years old and now and I am a work-at-home mom, excited cheerleader, un-domestic goddess, overly attached parent and a Sassy Lifestyle Blogger. I love to share my views, ideas, anecdotes and observations on motherhood & parenting, self-help, fitness & lifestyle, relationship & marriage, women & child issues in a simplistic, relatable way. My blog is called, Love, Life & the little one and I welcome you to it.

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