10 things that help get through sickness

Now that cold and flu season is in full effect, add in school/daycare germs, we are having to deal with all the ‘fun’ that comes along with every virus or bacteria sickness my kids catch. Over the last 12 years of parenting I’ve developed a system to deal with the sick kid and hopefully help the recovery process along.

  1. Have a dedicated sick spot
    Once one of my kids starts acting sick, we get the ‘sick spot’ ready. It can be any comfy spot in the house, like the living room couch or a special recliner chair, or their bedroom or your own. We have a fairly large master bedroom so we dedicate the floor area at the end of our bed. That’s where the kids sleep anyways when they sneak in our room. But when we have a sickly child, we pad it up with a pillow, blanket, etc. This also acts as a quarantine for the other kids. They are not allowed to touch any toys in that area or bottles of water, etc.
  2. Use a special ‘barf’ bucket
    We have a specific bucket that we use for any sick periods. It stays near the person the whole sickness and gets disinfected often.
  3. Disinfecting Wipes and spray
    This one is so important to try and contain the sickness to one family member. I try and wipe down surrounding areas and spray twice a day during the sickness. Also use the hand sanitizer often!
  4. Boogie Wipes
    When you have runny noses you need something handy and soothing to wipe constantly! I love the boogie wipes brand as they don’t irritate my kids noses as much as regular tissues and wipes do.
  5. Lotion
    I love to have a nice soothing lotion available to help soothe sore noses and give body massages when the kiddo might be feeling aches and pains.
  6. Humidifier
    We got our vics humidifier when my kids were babies after a very congested virus swept through. It’s been so helpful when my babies just couldn’t breathe comfortably. My favorite part is that you can add special vics liquid to help the congestion even more.
  7. A Temporal Thermometer
    This has been the best investment for when you have sleeping babies and they can’t/won’t cooperate for taking a temp other ways.
  8. A ‘Sick’ towel
    A long with our dedicated sick area and sick bucket, we have a specific big towel (bath sheets work great!) we put near the sick child. I like to use the towel as an extra blanket, that can handle if it gets any boogers or vomit accidentally on it. It works great for in the car when you run to the doctors office and you don’t want anything gross going all over the car or child on the way.
  9. Old T-shirts
    I also love to put my kids in oversized old adult t-shirts while they are sick. This makes changing clothes easy when they get sick, and it doesn’t matter what happens on them. I always have a ton of old t-shirts we never wear anymore so I use them just for sick times.
  10. NEW Coloring books and crayons
    And finally, when your little one is feeling miserable and they can’t run around and play like they are used to, I like to stop by the dollar store and grab some new coloring books, crayons and maybe some cheap toys. It brightens their day a little and keeps them busy so you can take care of the other kids, wash laundry (there’s always more with a sickness around), or you can cuddle and play with them, which I think always helps the healing process the most. <3

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