Baby Sleep Tips

Sleepytime Struggle

You’ve given baby a soapy bath, changed her into soft pajamas, read her a bedtime story, even fed her sweet, warm milk. Soon enough, she’s falling asleep in your arms.

“Perfect,” you think, as you lay her down gently in her crib. Tip-toeing out, you gently close the door.

And then: the blood-curdling scream behind you.

Sound familiar?

Many parents struggle with bedtime for baby, even with a routine set in place for weeks. It can be frustrating and even confusing… “Clean diaper, warm clothes, full belly, and she is still crying?!”

On top of that, it’s hard not to feel guilty for leaving your wailing infant alone in a crib. It’s hard not to feel cruel and heartless!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with letting a baby cry, especially when it’s due to bedtime woes. Babies need to get used to sleeping on their own. Nevertheless, it can be a disheartening process for parents.


The Optimal Solution

Fortunately for you (and me), I’ve got a little secret: the Zen Swaddle.

Nested Bean created this infant swaddling blanket just to make sleepytime easier for parents and babies. It’s truly amazing!

Here’s how it works, according to Nested Bean: “Newborns enter deep sleep through a long period of light sleep, and cycle between those states every 40-45 minutes. Your touch soothes them through disruptions during light sleep. Zen Sleep System mimics this benefit.”

When I unwrapped my Zen Swaddle for the first time, I was amazed at how well-crafted it was (not to mention adorable)! The soft, soothing material and the weighted pads gave my baby comfort and peace within seconds of my wrapping her inside it. What’s more, the swaddle features a two-pouch design, so baby can continue to use it as she grows!

The Zen Swaddle will make an excellent addition to your bedtime routine.



Infant Sleeping Tipsbaby sleep tips

Here are some extra tips for you, from the experts:

  1. Log your baby’s eat, play, and sleep routine so you can easily adapt to changes.
  2. If your baby has gas, try burping or applying gentle pressure on the belly.
  3. Instead of overdressing your baby, use light clothing, a sack, or a swaddle.
  4. Moro reflex? Swaddle your baby.
  5. Common cues of sleepiness include yawning, rubbing eyes, ears or head, fussiness, jerkiness, and looking away.


Hopefully you’ll feel more confident and at ease about bedtime tonight! Remember, bedtime struggles won’t last forever, and all parents have them at least on occasion! You’re not alone in this–I’m here learning and growing as a parent with you 🙂




Note: The information above is a combination of personal experience and research information from the experts at Nested Bean. For more information about Nested Bean, visit their website.

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