Tips & Tricks for Traveling with Babies

tips & tricks for traveling with babies

I find traveling with littles to be a bit tricky. It requires planning and frequent breaks and a lot of stuff. Oh, the stuff. I always feel like I have to bring half the house with me when we take a trip, especially now that there are two babies.

tips & tricks for traveling with babies

We have a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old, so we have to be strategic on our road trips. We leave super early in the hopes that they’ll fall back asleep. We make a huge packing list. We plan our stops according to the baby’s eating schedule and allow enough time for the toddler to run around. And I keep everything ridiculously organized in my secret weapon: Ziploc bags!

tips & tricks for traveling with babies

I literally use them for everything. You can label them, AND you can squeeze all the air out to get the most out of your suitcase or whatever you’re packing. I pack all the kids’ stuff in a Thirty-One bag because it’s so accessible and it fits perfectly in our trunk.

tips & tricks for traveling with babies

There are a few other tricks I had up my sleeve for our trip to the family cabin:

1. Dockatot – oh. my. goodness. This is one of the best pieces of baby gear I’ve ever bought. Our son (knock on wood) is a fantastic sleeper owing in large part to this product. He’s used to sleeping in it, so we took it on our trip. He fell asleep right away and slept through the night. Traveling victory!
2. Leapfrog Leapstart – Lily got this for her 2nd birthday. It made for excellent car entertainment! You have to buy the books separately, BUT they have books for ages 2-6. Lily loves it, even though she can’t really understand the games yet.
3. Amazon Prime videos – Amazon has a great selection of free kids shows and movies for Prime members. I downloaded an episode of Barney and one of Sesame Street to the iPad just in case, and I’m so glad I did. Lily didn’t sleep in the car like I was hoping (of course), so I let her watch a video when she started to get impatient. Worked like a charm 😉

Our 2-year-old has always been a little more high maintenance when it comes to falling asleep. I brought her white noise and music projector for the Pack n Play to create the same environment she has at home. It worked pretty well!

Overall I think we did a good job traveling with our little babes. It’s so hard to allow for the flexibility family vacations demand when you’ve got young kids. I think you gotta just do your best and remember to breathe and that it will all be okay.

I hope you find this helpful in your travels this summer!

Happy trails 🙂

Hi! I’m Molly, author of Blogging the In-Between.  I am a wife to David, step-mom to Audrey (14), and mama to Lily (2) and Tommy (newborn).  I taught English for 8 years before making the decision to stay home with the babies.  I love camping and yoga and Harry Potter.  And I love learning new things.

I have realized life is FULL of in-betweens.  And it’s those moments that make us.  It’s the in-betweens that mold us into who we are and who we’ll become.  That’s where the magic is.

My intent with Blogging the In-Between is to share what I’m learning along the way, to build community for open and honest communication about parenting, step-parenting, and want-to-be parenting.  I want to share ideas and strategies through my trial and error.  Mostly, I want to provide some encouragement for you in your in-between.  Wherever that may be, you are not alone.

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