The Rocking Motherhood Challenge- 10 ways I am rocking motherhood

They say you have not experienced motherhood, if you have not felt the guilt attached with it. We Mums are an expert in bashing ourselves down for our perceived shortcomings as a mother. If our child is not eating enough, we doubt our cooking skills. If the child is not sleeping enough, we doubt our comforting skills and if the child gets hurt by any chance, we kick ourselves for being careless.

The Rocking Motherhood Challenge

Rocking Motherhood Challenge

When I read about the Rocking Motherhood Challenge, I was very pleasantly surprised.   The Rocking Motherhood Challenge began as a way to help moms remember all the things that make us great mothers instead of constantly focusing on the areas where we fall short. All the moms I know are totally rocking motherhood, each in their own way.  Hence, I showed interest in participating in this fabulous blog-chain.

I was tagged to participate in the Rocking Motherhood Challenge by one of my favorite mom bloggers, Elizabeth Voyles  at I encourage you to check out her amazing blog about everything, worth writing for.

And to keep the challenge going, I tag fellow mom bloggers, to post their own 10 ways they are rocking motherhood.

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10 ways I am rocking Motherhood

10 ways I am rocking motherhood


  1. I love: I have not known this love, what I feel for my child. This love is the closest to divine I have felt. This love is so strong, so unconditional and so all-encompassing that it forms the base of my relationship with my daughter.


  1. I care: Caring for her has become my second nature. I care for her from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning, till she goes to sleep at night. And, even in between I check on her, if she is covered by her comforter, is she hot-cold, or sometimes I even check for her breathing. I know, classic paranoid, isn’t it?


  1. I adult: Ever since I have become a Mom, I have stepped up on my Adult behavior. No seriously, I started eating nutritious food, because I was breastfeeding her. I sleep on time, because I need to be alert. I am a safe driver, a responsible citizen, I follow all rules, I don’t yell when I am angry, I don’t swear and I act responsibly as a walking -talking adult, because now I am the role model to my child. She is looking at me for cues, and I must lead by example.


  1. I learn: I am her mother, and I am supposed to be her first teacher. But guess what, I have learned so much ever since motherhood hit me. I learnt cooking, I learnt how to change diapers, I learnt how to breastfeed, how to put a child to sleep. I have learnt so much about myself too. It has been a rewarding journey, inwards. I know no when my patience give up, I now know what a masterpiece my body is. I know how much I can survive even with lack of sleep and I know how capable I am to love selflessly.


  1. I thank: Being a mother has made me a very grateful person in general. I am so grateful of my body that allowed me to conceive and deliver a beautiful and healthy child. I am grateful of my parents who guide me from their experience, I thank my husband every single day for being my partner in true sense and I thank my little one for bringing so much happiness in our life. It truly is a blessed life.


  1. I praise: I believe in positive re-enforcement. I am a firm believer of compliments and praises. I think if you appreciate the goodness in your child, you are more bound to see positive results in their behavior versus, if you chose the road of spanking or punishments. We are sailing happily through the “Terrible Twos”, with very few episodes of crazy meltdowns and temper tantrums because I followed conscious parenting method, where I respect my child, and her emotions and positively motivate her to behave well.


  1. I guide: I am a guide for my child. I don’t own her. I am raising her to find her purpose and follow her free will. But I am her navigator. It’s my job to show her the right and wrong and guide her through the consequences but I still don’t own her. I guide her by exposing her to various formats of learning, be it books, songs, walk on the beach, sensory playdate or just a trip to the park. She is constantly expanding her horizons and I am there to guide her.


  1. I bond: I followed attachment parenting method from the second my baby was born. I exclusively breastfed her, we co-slept, I wore her till she learnt to crawl, and I stayed with her every second of her life till she turned 2. Thus, the bond we share is amazing. I am in tune with her thoughts, her likes, dislikes, aspirations and her little personality. She is so confident of my presence in her life. She trusts easily, is confident and is a very happy child in general.


  1. I laugh: I am creating a dozen of happy memory for my child and me on a daily basis. I am her happy place and we have share a ton of smiles, giggles and laughter even while living through a routine life structure. Nap time is giggles first, cuddles second and sleep third. Similarly, we run on the beach, roll on the grass in the garden and count birds in the sky. Fun & laughter are integral part of our mother-daughter relationship.


  1. I live: Amidst the pulls of motherhood, I have still not left myself alone. I take time out for my dreams and my passion. I do Pilates 4 times a week, Latino dance once a week, I groom myself, go for my spa and manicure & blow-dry appointments. I also read when my baby is asleep. I go on a date with my husband every week. I am a lifestyle blogger, so I work from home, write and create content that I am passionate about. Motherhood has not dampened my spirit or love & zest for my life. I still choose to look good, stay fit and pursue my dreams, thereby making the most of this “One Life”

In short, I am rocking motherhood. It feels so great and liberating to say it out loud.

How are You Rocking Motherhood?

Let’s hear from you, mamas! If you are a Mom reading this, I am sure you are rocking motherhood too. I challenge you, to post in the comments, your own pointer of how you are rocking motherhood. I look forward to reading it.

And if you would like to join the Rocking Motherhood Challenge with your own blog, check out the rules here to get you started.



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